Website specs.

Similar to colophons provided in print magazines, this colophon provides details about this website. I wanted to share this information openly so that curious visitors won’t need to search through the source code or make guesses about plugins. Since part of the beauty of the Internet is being able to change its bits and bytes (especially from a design standpoint), the specs of this website can/might/should change from time to time.

Font-family: Open Sans (Google Fonts) and Georgia
Base font-size: 16px/1.5
Paragraph text font: 1.1875em/1.5 Georgia
Colors: #333333, #FFFFFF, #000000, #FF0000, #F2EFD3, #E4E4E4, #990000, #009933, #076394, #2C6B94, #666666, #BCBCBC
CMS: WordPress
Add-ons & Plug-ins: JavaScript, jQuery, Breadcrumb NavXT, Royal PrettyPhoto, Responsive Menu, Share Buttons by AddToAny, Contact Form 7, Really Simple CAPTCHA, Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator
Software: Various desktop and mobile browsers, Dreamweaver, WordPress CMS editor, Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchBook for Galaxy
Hardware: Windows, Mac, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet
Website Inspiration: Volunteer with Mozilla (2015) and an old WP theme tutorial from Line 25 (2011) Menu