Instructional Module #2


Format: Flash or HTML5 (for LMS use)
Size: (expands to browser window size)
Presentation Time: Approximately 12 min.
Hardware: Windows machine, Blue Snowball microphone
Software: Storyline 2, Flash, Animate CC, Illustrator, Audition
Copyright: 2016 Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Rockville, MD. This instructional module may not be used for any other purpose than as a portfolio piece for the creator (Jeff Swab) and as training material for the copyright owner (MCPS).


The item shown above is an instructional module that I created for a unit about hands-only CPR for an online high school health course. The module is part of Lesson 3 in a unit comprised of five lessons.

I created the module with Storyline 2 on a Windows machine and used a unidirectional condenser microphone for recording the audio. I recorded the audio directly in Adobe Audition, and then exported the audio/narration for each slide as .mp3 files.

I drew the animated text in the presentation with Adobe Illustrator and then exported the vector illustration as a .swf file. I edited the .swf file in Adobe Flash in order to time the words with the audio file. I exported the new file as a .swf movie and imported it into the Storyline file. The use of a Flash movie was necessary in order to display the text as a vector image with a transparent background; Storyline does not support vector or transparent images, so the Flash movie was a workaround.

The slide that contains the “plumbing vs. electrical problems” animations consists of Flash and Storyline 2 animations. The Flash animation is the interactive part towards the end of the slide during which you can press two buttons to see selected animations—blood flow in the pipes and electrical plugs connecting/disconnecting. I drew the heart, pipes, and electrical plugs in Illustrator, and then imported them into Flash/Animate CC. I worked on the animation mainly at work using Flash CS6, and occasionally worked on it at home using Animate CC. Switching back and forth was relatively easy.

The presentation is SCORM conformant and meets accessibility requirements. Menu