MCPS – Infographics


Hardware: Desktop computer, pen tablet, mouse
Software: Illustrator
Filesizes (l to r, t to b): 114 KB, 426 KB, 590 KB, 141 KB


I created these infographics for the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Student eLearning program. The purpose was to provide some visual data about the program in the redesigned program website. I wanted to add something interesting to the new website, and one of the ideas that I had was to create some infographics. The raw data were readily available, but it took some time to gather the data from the various sources and for me to decide what would be good to illustrate.
We received a lot of positive feedback on the infographics from a variety of MCPS personnel, including those at the executive level. Unfortunately, there was only enough time for me to create these four images because they needed to be finished before the new website launch date. Menu