Outdoor Photos


Hardware: Smartphone—Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Droid Charge
Software: Photoshop, for post-processing
Dimensions: 1086 x 420
Filesizes (t to b): 118 KB, 92 KB, 60 KB, 101 KB



These are photographs that I took at work with my personal smartphone. They appeared on the website that I maintained. I used them as backgrounds for a news slider. The slider served as a means to post news announcements, with a text box appearing over the left side of the photo. For some of the photographs, I tried to keep the most interesting parts on the right or otherwise flipped the photos so that the item in focus was on the right. Further still, I tried to compose some photos so that the subject was angled in a way to draw the eye below the photo. Drawing the viewer’s eye to the lower left or right would help move interest towards items below the photo/news slider.


Since all of the other photos I have taken so far for the website slider have been outdoor photos, the photos on this page are really uncategorized photos. The bike rack photo is interesting because of the undulating pipe and its shadow.
When flags flow just right, they’re cool. I like the translucency of the flags in the first flags photo. I think leaving the tiny jet stream in the photo is a nice detail and it makes the photo more interesting because of the contrast and juxtaposition between those two types of objects. I like the clouds behind the flags in the next photo.
The “No Smoking” sign was on a wall outside the building, and a photo of it seemed appropriate as a background for slides announcing news for a health course—in-your-face serious and humorous to use.

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