Nature Photos


Hardware: Smartphone—Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Droid Charge
Software: Photoshop, for post-processing
Dimensions: 1086 x 420
Filesizes (t to b): 99 KB, 156 KB, 81 KB, 96 KB



These are photographs that I took at work with my personal smartphone. They appeared on the website that I maintained. I used them as backgrounds for a news slider. The slider served as a means to post news announcements, with a text box appearing over the left side of the photo. For some of the photographs, I tried to keep the most interesting parts on the right or otherwise flipped the photos so that the item in focus was on the right. Further still, I tried to compose some photos so that the subject was angled in a way to draw the eye below the photo. Drawing the viewer’s eye to the lower left or right would help move interest towards items below the photo/news slider.


I applied the sharpen filter to each of these photos. I took the forsythia photo with my phone’s HDR setting, so I didn’t need to sharpen that one too much. I did a little more to the two white flowering tree photos. Since my phone doesn’t really have depth-of-field control, I used the lasso and quick selection tools in Photoshop to select the branch closest to me, and then applied some effects to that selection and a slight blur to the reverse selection. Menu